School Bus Safety Program Resources
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Promoting Safer School Bus Travel in Your State

Your state has already recognized the importance of implementing stop-arm camera laws. If your local area has already embraced stop-arm camera laws, this is an opportunity to champion this vital cause and enhance school bus safety in your area. Alternatively, if stop-arm cameras are not in your area, your involvement could help gain support for their introduction.

What You Can Do

You have the power to make a difference and create a safer environment for our children. Here's how you can be a part of the change:

1. Spread Awareness

Share our Stop4MyBus video on social media to raise awareness and gather support. Join us in educating everyone on school bus safety and the significance of the Stop4MyBus initiative.  Use #Stop4MyBus when sharing with friends and family to rally for change.

School Bus Stopping Law

Close Calls Compilation

Welcome to Stop4MyBus

2. Educate our Future: Resources for Kids

Access our children's education workbooks, songs and animation highlighting the importance of stop arm cameras. These resources help educate kids about road safety and the importance of stop arm cameras. Empower the next generation to champion safe driving habits.

Thumbs Up! Animation

Thumbs Up! Safety Album

Student Safety Activity Workbooks

Activity Book for Pre-K & K


Activity Book for Grades 1-3


Activity Book for Grades 4-6


3. Engage Your Community

Download and display our informative posters in your community spaces. These eye-catching visuals will spark conversations and encourage others to get involved.

DMV Poster Set


4. Reach Out to Your Local School District

Stop4MyBus has created sample letter templates and phone script to help you advocate for school bus safety in your community. The below templates can be downloaded, edited, and shared with your local state representatives and news outlets to raise awareness and drive change. These letters and script can also be adapted to encourage your local school district or municipality to adopt lifesaving school bus stop-arm camera programs.    

Letters of Support: Below are three different letter templates that you can personalize and send to government officials. Whether you're a parent, bus driver, concerned citizen, or part of a community organization, your voice matters.  

Phone Script: Reach out to government officials using our provided phone script. This script is designed to be adaptable to any state, allowing you to express your concerns and advocate for the implementation of stop-arm camera laws.  

Together, we can drive change and ensure the safety of our children. Join us in this crucial mission to make our school zones safer for everyone.