Welcome to Stop4MyBus! We’re on a mission to make roads safer for everyone by raising awareness about school bus safety. Our platform was created to empower parents, students, educators, and policymakers with tools and resources to change driver behavior and improve school bus stop-arm enforcement legislation. This includes content to remind motorists about school bus stopping laws, safety tips for kids of all ages, and advocacy materials. Together we can build a safer future.

Did You Know?

The most dangerous moment of a child’s journey to and from school is stepping on and off the bus. Each year, an estimated 43.5 million vehicles illegally pass stopped school buses, needlessly putting the lives and safety of children at risk.

This needs to stop.

At Stop4MyBus, we believe that education is essential to changing behavior. Our resources aim to:  

  1. Reduce stop-arm violations by educating motorists on the dangers of violating school bus stopping laws.
  2. Improve student safety by teaching children the safest way to get on and off the bus.
  3. Advocate for better legislation to help communities tackle stop-arm violations.

Which States have school bus stop-arm camera laws?

The National Conference of State Legislatures reports that at least 24 states have laws allowing school bus cameras. In June 2023, Florida became the latest state to pass legislation. Other states that have authorized localities or school districts to use school bus stop-arm cameras in recent years include Delaware, Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Student Safety Activity Workbooks

Activity Book - Pre-K & K


Activity Book - Grades 1-3


Activity Book - Grades 4-6


Frequently asked questions

How can I improve school bus safety in my community?  
One of the best ways to improve school bus safety in your community is by raising awareness about the dangers impacting students and pedestrians. Stop4MyBus offers a variety of resources for you to download and share within your community. This includes posters, social media posts, and videos. Another action you can take is to contact your local school district and find out if they are using school bus stop-arm enforcement technology to tackle illegal school bus passings. Go to our school bus safety resources page to discover available tools and resources.
What can I do if my state does not allow the use of school bus stop-arm cameras?  
While it’s illegal to pass a stopped school bus in every state in the United States, not every state allows school bus cameras to enforce stop-arm violations. If you live in a state without school bus camera laws, there are steps you can take to help improve school bus safety legislation. We encourage you to contact your local state representative and voice your support for school bus safety technology. Click here to see school bus safety resources for states without bus camera laws.
What is the law for stopping for a school bus?
School bus stopping laws vary from state to state. For a reminder of your state’s school bus stopping laws, go to your state DMV website. Stop4MyBus also has informational materials available to promote school bus safety rules for drivers.
I accidentally passed a school bus! Will I get a ticket?  
Whether or not you will receive a ticket for accidentally passing a stopped school bus depends on the state. If the bus was equipped with stop-arm cameras, you will likely receive a ticket in the mail. It’s worth noting that in most states, stop-arm camera programs do not result in driver’s license points. However, if the violation was witnessed in person by a police officer, you will receive a ticket and points to your license. Make sure to refresh your knowledge of school bus stopping laws to help keep both yourself and children safe on the road.
How can I be a school bus stop-arm safety advocate?  
Stop4MyBus is always looking for new safety advocates to join our movement for better school bus safety! Complete the contact us form below to learn more about how you can advocate for safety.

About Us

Stop4MyBus was created by BusPatrol in 2023 to educate communities about school bus safety. As America’s leading school bus stop-arm technology provider, BusPatrol equips entire school bus fleets with safety technology and solutions to reduce stop-arm violations and make school buses safer for all children. But enforcement is just one piece of the puzzle. By bringing education and awareness to communities, Stop4MyBus seeks to bring school bus accidents down to zero. Our resources take a holistic approach to safety and are designed to tackle each side of the problem; the motorist who recklessly blows past the stopped school bus, the bus driver who forgets to activate the yellow flashing lights, or the young child who runs across the street without looking. Join us in educating communities to make roads safer for our children’s future.

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